In the beginning…

And so it begins, it’s been some time since I last really blogged so bear with me as I get back I’m the swing of things. 

So who am I… well way back then I was known as Craft Crazed Super Mum, I was stay at home mumming to young kids, like 2-5 of them, crafting, studying and having fun raising the little grubs.  Today I’m raising teenagers (and almost teenagers), working, still studying… (something different this time kinda…), and managing my mental health a hell of a lot better than I did back then. I still love crafting, when I have the time, and we are renovating our little piece of paradise, and apparently now I’m a dog person… (that’s new).

So I have 5 kids… aged 16, 14, 13, 11 & 7, we are a DIDO family – this means hubby is only home 6 days a fortnight, I’m a nurse in a rural hospital and I’m working through my mental illness demons in an effort to live a happy life. 

Sounds simple enough right? Yeah right….

Well it’s not!  Life at times is beyond too much and I frequently forget the good stuff. You know the stuff you should be grateful for and happy about, like 5 healthy kids, a husband, a job… oh that roof over our heads and food on our plates (never mind the fact I have to put that shit on said plates and everyone should be praising my arse…. but instead they bitch and complain). 

So come with me as I muddle through this journey I’d like to call my life, we’ll have some fun, have a cry, bitch and complain, do some stuff to make me happy – like clean the house lol, and hopefully focus more on appreciating life. 

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