Roxie the Doxie

Roxy the Doxie: Intro

A few weeks ago we (the adults) made a decision to get a dog again… Me being the cat person I am was only sold on the idea cause he said lets get a small dog like a sausage dog… and there we have it… he won me over with the small dog breed that I said if we were ever to get another dog I would want this one.

So fast forward 2 days and I saw a picture of this beautiful little puppy, instantly falling in love, showed hubby and tada! This cute little puppy is now a happy little family member.

Roxy at 12 weeks old with her lama

Roxy is her name and today she is a 14 week old bundle of fun, its been a interesting couple of weeks, getting use to this creature that has taken over our home, but alas she is well loved and has everyone wrapped around her little paw. She has even won over the cats…

Why am I introducing her? cause she brings me happiness, and if it brings me happiness then there is a good chance it will be featured on this blog!

I never thought I would ever be a dog person, but low and behold Roxy has turned me, while I’m still not keen on the bigger dogs, I’m working on it. Roxy brings me happiness with her need to be by my side, keep me company, running around the house playing chasey, and our couch snuggles. She’s just adorable and I just love her.

Yesterday I got the pleasure of taking her to the vet for her 3rd set of vaccinations… yeah that was fun. the first thing the vet says is these little dachshunds are sooks when it comes to jabs… yeah she is my poor baby, and consequently I’m now covered in scratches all over my arms, and chest from the dog trying to climb up onto my shoulders to get away from the nasty vet! But we survived and shall live to do it all again in 4 weeks… (I feel that might be a daddy outing day… lol).

Roxy doing what she does best… sleeping on me!

Ok so incase you haven’t worked it out – Roxy is a 14 week old Miniature Dachshund who is smaller than our 2 cats (the black panther Bella and the bengal Nina) she has joined our very busy family of 7 humans, 2 cats, 1 turtle, 1 bearded dragon, 2 guinea pigs ( I say 2, but yesterday we also lost one little Luna (RIP), however on Friday we will have a new one to keep Ellie company – after all they are social critters and poor Ellie is currently sulking cause her mate it gone), 6 ducks, and what feels like an unlimited supply of chickens (fyi – don’t keep roosters… they are chicken multiplying machines… and yes I know how to fix that issue and its soon to to happen). So Roxy has plenty of play mates… kinda.

Bella and Roxy… they do this most nights

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