Autism Adventures

Part of my parenting skills involves managing my nearly 11 year old ASD kiddo. It’s been a fun ride thats for sure, from early days through to today. The positive side is he’s high functioning and after many many years of working with him we all seem to manage rather well… well most of the time.

Despite all our “training” well he’s still on the spectrum and we still have moments, cause after all we are all human. Most of the time it’s little things, like his ability to over dramatise the most smallest of things – like 20 mins ago when he had a hissy fit over the strawberry quick, it went something like this in a annoyed bitchy tone “I don’t understand how this has only lasted 3 days” – the tin was empty – I know it sounds mild but its the freaking way he says it – and at times… well my tolerance level just ain’t there (and fyi 20 mins before this incident I had just had an argument with miss 16 so I was already worked up). So he copped it back (sad but true folks), now the kicker was the tin of Quick is about 12 months old and was pulled out fo the cupboard and left on the table by mr 13 yesterday when he was looking for recycled stuff for a school project…. so yeah its not a 3 day old tin of Quick kiddo calm your farm!

The autism journey has, and continues to be one hell of a ride, from way back in the denial stages to today, I like to think I’m one cool cucumber, but alas that hasn’t always been the case. There have been many many many moments where we have both lost our shit and ultimately ended in not only a ASD meltdown but also a mummy melt down (now work out which is worse… lol) and ideally thats not the best way to manage but you know that human aspect and all. School is a blast, nothing beats having to educate educators on how to manage your kid, over and over again… only to then have your kid come home and say the teacher yelled at him for something he really has no control over. It triggers the inner mumma bear in me, until I stop and discover he’s being over dramatic again… (did ya all see my eyes roll then?). Then we get to the special education side of things, I was at a stage where I though he was handling school fine, he’s learning as any other kid in his grade does, we were having little to no issues, and then it all started again, Mr 11 has a habit of sucking his fingers, its not ideal and we are working on it at home, but apparently at school it pisses his teacher off (fair call those grotty little fingers touch stuff and yuck!) but alas it triggered involvement from the special needs department. This has it perks… but also means I don’t get to live in my little “he’s fine” bubble anymore. I guess she made some valid points. The kid starts high school in a few short years and that will mean transitioning from a 30 kid school to a 800 kid school where his grade level will go from 3 kids to I dunno 50+ kids. She said if we get support systems in place now, get him on the radar, it will make it easier when he starts high school. What this means is now I have to go back to the paediatrician, get forms signed after I wait a decade to see him, we also have to get vision impairment stuff sorted as he has a nystagmus (another issue we have and gets him on the special needs radar) and she said get set up with NDIS… about now I’m running away scared, I really don’t wanna deal with NDIS and to be honest have no freaking clue how to even get started (doesn’t help that I don’t wanna). So when I get to that task it should be interesting.

Overall he’s a great kid, full of wonderful and weird ideas, he’s always trying to create some crazy contraception, loves the hot glue gun and duct tape, is obsessed with building cardboard forts (seriously you should see his eyes when we get a cardboard box… you should also see his eyes when you tell him his couch size cardboard box fort has to go to the dump 🙁 ). I don’t know what the future will bring for this kid, but it’s sure to involve sticky tape, glue, cardboard, and building computers oh and one day I might get all my steak knives back in the kitchen (he uses them to carve up his boxes and I find them all over the bloody house!)

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