Not my finest day…

Ok its 6pm, Saturday evening. Today is not one of my finer days. So I worked nightshift last night, got home at 8am, was “allowed” to sleep till I was woken at 10:30am cause “I wanna go to my friends place now mum” (that was the girl child) – rest assured she copped the full blown brunt of only letting mum sleep for 2 and a half hours on the drive to her mates place. In my defence she was asked to do one thing before she left and while she did do most of that task she failed to do the major part and well then she woke me up… So this is where my shitty mum day started.

It only got worse… and to be honest I don’t know if I will survive the weekend (and student free day on Monday) at this rate. Thomas my 7 year old has decided today to do every single thing possible to annoy the freaking shit out of me, like seriously everything he can, he has done and is still doing right now. I flipped out at the boys when I got home from dropping the girl off over the state of the house, the fact that for 3 days now I have asked for the rubbish to be taken out and because it hadn’t been the dog had kindly spread the recycling from one end of the house to the other – she is so kind. So yeah I blew a fuse at them and well good news is they cleaned up. But this 7 yr old creature OMFG, all day I have told him over and over and over to leave the poor dog alone, but no he has to carry her everywhere, wrap her up in blankets (its stinking hot FYI), playing with her stairs (to get on the couch), refusing to listen to basic commands like wash your face – you don’t even wanna know how long that took, and then how he did it with a freaking tiny spray bottle????, JUST GET A WASH CLOTH AND WIPE YOUR FACE KID!. I then totally forgot about an appointment at the pet shop to have the cat microchipped, thought I could chill/nap on the couch all arvo… but no some dumb idiot (me) booked it in for today after a nightshift. So I lugged a crying cat and 3 way over energetic boys to the pet shop – I promised them an early dinner of maccas and they still couldn’t keep their shit together for the hour!. Then Thomas sent his happy meal flying through the car, cause he wasn’t holding it, so I lost 1/2 my chips and all I brought was chips! and then we get home and the dog harassment continued, with the added bonus of him wanting to snuggle the dog while pretty much sitting on my lap – FOR CRYING OUT LOUD KID ITS TOO HOT TO BE ANYWHERE NEAR ME!

The Kid was glued to me!

To make matters worse, I don’t think my moods are spectacular at the moment (there may or may not have been some days of missed meds), so we have low moods + fatigue + feral kids = mum losing her shit!

*** Kid enforced Writing break ***

Ok 8pm and I’m back… I gave in and offered to snuggle the kid, while I napped and he watched a movie. He’s lucky so cute the little grub. The little boys have just gone to bed, and I’m left with the 1 big boy while the other 2 big kids are are a party and cadets. God bless computer games he’s at least leaving me alone. *** break again ***

Snuggles with mum

Back at 9pm… so I just spent the last 30 mins defeating a hacker attempt on my kids gaming account…. never a dull moment in this place lol

On a high note I’m wide awake now, and I feel somewhat accomplished now that I outsmarted the online shithead!

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