That moment: When you realise your kids travel more than you…

So I’m sitting here, plotting and planning, thinking about the new few months and whats coming up for our family. Then I gets to thinking OMG my kids travel more than me…. hell I’d even say they have a better social life than me… WHEN THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?

In just over a months time my daughter (16) goes to Japan (yep I’m still on only seeing 4 states at 36yrs old and this kid is leaving the country at 16) she was lucky enough to win a scholarship for a 4 week language program over there so she’s off next month. Last school holidays my nearly 14 yr old spent a week in Townsville and once again will be heading there in the last week of school for Army cadets training. The little boys even got to go on camp last week (I know that was like 15 mins down the road from home, but alas they went on a trip kinda lol) the only one who’s staying put is mr 13!

But then I think to myself, I’m always driving here there and everywhere, dropping kids off, picking them up, to sleep overs, parties, playdates, oh and cadets each week. meanwhile… I go to work… come home… maybe go to the grocery shop every now and then, drive them around (I guess I get to socialise with the mums and dads for the 5 mins when I drop them off… that counts right?), and well thats kinda it! Life with 5 little kids kinda killed of my social life way back then and its never been resurrected, and now I would have to work around work and driving them everywhere!

Don’t get me wrong I have friends, we just um… never see each other lol. We are all busy with work, and kids, and no ones rosters ever line up nicely to allow us all off at the same time (nurse woes). But hey we can send 30 something messages to each other in the span of 10 mins on facebook so at least we are talking right?

So I guess I’ll stick to getting my social fix online, at least I can work that in-between everything else… not sure what to do about the travel issues… unless I leave the kids behind… (maybe in a few years), cause the cost to travel with 5 minions that 3 of them are almost considered adults is mega costly! Unless someone wants to donate a snow trip or a Gold Coast trip sometime sooner for the entire family – fyi thats about $6000++ – yeah I already looked into that this year… and guess what? yeah we stayed home.

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